Eyeglass and Sunglass Repairs

Often the Optical Staff of The Eye Store can repair ones eyewear. Ideally it is best to repair a broken frame with the identical part. However, sometimes replacement parts are not available and at that point the staff will utilize all resources to make the repair to help out the customer.

One of the most common repairs needed on a pair of eyeglasses is to replace a missing screw. Screws serve two purposes. One is to hold the temple onto the front of the eyeglasses and the other is to hold one’s lenses into the eye-wire of a frame. Optical screws come in a multitude of diameters, lengths and configurations. Making certain that the correct replacement screw is used is key.

Replacement nose pads, which are typically found on a metal frame, are available to be replaced should you loose one (or both) or have one break. Often one’s nose pads may discolor or “turn green”. Esthetically nose pads can be replaced to ‘freshen-up’ the appearance of the frame.

Temple covers, which are again typically found on a metal frame, can also be replaced if they have become worn or have gotten damaged in some way.

On a rimless frame a lens is held into the frame by a nylon cord. Occasionally this cord may break and the frame will need to be ‘re-strung’. The process to repair a rimless frame takes some time, but generally one can wait for this repair to be made to their glasses.

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